Health & Performance Solutions University

HPS University offers EAP trainings to our employees as well as some guest client members (primarily internal EAPs and Affiliates) on various topics benefiting Employee Assistance Professionals.

We have steadily increased our audience participation level over the last few years, both to our staff as well as our client members.  We have leveraged technology with our HPS University trainings by offering recorded trainings allowing us to better meet client needs for a wide variety of training media.

The audience has always been a part of the HPS University curriculum and we have solicited feedback and training requests from employees to ensure that we are delivering relevant training that benefits not only our internal staff but client members as well.  Several key contacts within ValueOptions have shared training topics suggested by clients so that we have a direct link to at all times to our client needs and demands.

HPS University training presenters have consisted of highly qualified Employee Assistance Professionals many of which are recognized leaders in the EA field.  Since the inception of HPS University, we have not repeated a single training topic, a remarkable effort as it has been in place since 2001.


Contact Us

To contact us or if you have a topic you would like to request, send a message to Lashasta Dashield.

We thank you for your continued participation!